autism diagnostic aid

Don't let children with autism slip through the cracks!

ADDAS is a comparative analysis based Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) diagnostic assistance system that offers completely objective results with eye-tracker technology within minutes to help diagnosing ASD in the earliest possible stage.

a.d.d.a.s technology

Autism. Disorder. Diagnostic. Assistance. System.

An objective screening method is very much needed in the field to detect signs of atypical development as early as possible.

Testing in the earliest stage

While the existing diagnosis methods require children to reach a certain age, our technology makes it possible to start the testing process much earlier even from the age of 18 months.

100% objective

Compared to other autism testing methods our technology is completely objective since it's operating with an AI eye-tracking software.

No special training needed

Our device doesn't require expensive and time consuming special training. It's designed to support the diagnostic professionals' work.

400+ succesful tests

We've conducted over 400 tests with children and our AI software learned from each test, making it more and more accurate.

Early stage diagnosis is key

Without an early autism screening method children often get their diagnosis at the age of 4-7 years old, even if the symptoms were showing much earlier. This makes them lose valuable time from starting the development and special education process.

Autism facts

  • Average age of diagnosis
    5-7 years
  • Average age of first symptoms
    18 months
  • Average waiting time to get diagnosed
    3-24 months

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Successful companies with the help of the government joined forces to make a change in the early-stage diagnosis of autism.

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